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The purpose

As time goes by the main purpose of fireplaces has changed from heating air or water and cooking to just heating one or several rooms. In many cases, especially in countries with warm winter seasons, fireplaces are just a decoration while heating is left to a climate control device. In addition one won't warm water using a fireplace these days, of course.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Changes in how things are done is as important as the way things are perceived, and that applies to everything from fuel to fireplaces. The new concept in fireplaces is something that everyone can have regardless of where they live or work. It is the gel fireplace, or ventless fireplace.

The advantages

The disadvantages

This website is here to help you when deciding if to buy a gel fireplace or not, which factors are important and which are not, which accessories you will need, and which websites offer gel fireplaces online. Also, you as a visitor can submit your own review of any gel fireplace that you've seen or bought.

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